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Hi ~ I‘m Eric Hill Kansas City‘s WordPress Specialist!

The Day I graduated high school I had a plan…Honest! I was a Chef and spent the next decade pursuing the culinary arts around the country. I love to cook and eat and create. Check out my recipe site ( Okay, I am still a foodie I make wood fired pizza on my patio and when I go camping I‘m ready to feed all my friends. Sometime in the early 1990‘s my dad gave me an old computer, a Packard Bell 316 XS with a 2400 modem and i think a 50 MB hard drive…I started my career on that 386 with 1 whole megabyte of ram. Computing took a whole lot of patience then. My group of friends at the time included a local band. I spent the next few years teaching myself the art of desktop publishing, designing and producing a ”fanzine“ for the band. I can‘t tell you the number of nights sitting at kinko’s waiting for the printer to render the pages. We were all starving artists and we needed a way to produce our “Newz and Viewz” that wasn‘t so expensive. That search turned me to html and my first sites were geared around the music scene in New Mexico. With art from local artists, advertising from local businesses and writings from band members as well as other folks from the scene. I still host sites for the singer and the guitarist.
2002 web intro
With a fresh beta copy of windows 95 and a tower computer made from leftover parts from my friends computer store (Thank You DavesMess and Joey) I moved back to Kansas City and started my second career…My efforts there yielded a mentor and a vendor who both became friends and clients. I tend to cultivate lasting relationships and since then I have webmastered for Political Candidates, Real Estate Developments, Karate Schools, Restaurants, Lawyers, Tax Professionals. National Marketing Companies, Business big and small, Product Launches, Apartment Complex‘s and even a Stuntman. Along the way I learned video editing, audio encoding, e-commerce and shopping cart integration. I‘ve run Secure Sites (SSL), set up merchant accounts and created social media themes and templates. Cpanel and Plesk server management, domain transferring and renewal.

This is where you come in!

You‘ve found me and i have shared with you a little about me now the question is what are you going to do about it. If your looking for a webmaster that has a wall full of certificates and diplomas I am not your guy. However, if you are looking to have your site webmastered by someone that has completed dozens of wordpress websites on time and budget, then you need to talk to me.

I build Awesome Websites.

The 12 Steps to an Awesome Website.

1.   Determine Hosting
WordPress requires self-hosting solution
2.   Provide access to content
Typical methods are drop box or google drive for file sharing
3.   Determine Theme
The best way to save on the build out of your website is to use a quality premade theme.
4.   Determine website features/plugins
The Sitemap~ The outline…The Roman Numerals are the main links of the site and the letters and such are the supporting information for that topic. A clear sitemap makes your website go live… (I always think of the map like creating the outline for a paper in school school)
5.   Create coming soon landing page
During the creation process things will be “broken” and preventing a visitor from seeing that is important so a thoughtful…dated coming soon page with contact info is key.
6.   Turn down existing site (downtime 2 hours)
Done at low traffic times your current site is archived for reference and then I wipe the slate clean.
7.   Re-install WordPress with themed start and data
A fresh copy ensures a stable site
8.   Turn on Landing page
Let your current visitors know something new is on the way.
9.   Create administrative access for all admins
Allow the people you specify access to the site
10.  Build out site blind to visitors but full access to administrators
Anytime access to all administrators during construction
11.  Approval Your New Website
You will be asked to visit the site and click around to make sure all is correct and accurate.
12.  Launch
The landing page is removed and access is granted to your site based on the access plan discussed during step 4.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

The internet is an ever-changing medium.
As code evolves it needs to be maintained and updated to versions deemed better by the programmers. As such from time to time there are vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Typically a minimum monthly maintenance includes installation of these updates and backup archival.

I don’t miss agreed deliverable’s. I just don’t.

Thanks for Looking.


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